this guy (mr good bar) has mad jokes. he tryna sell a 2012 retro 14 for $350 or do an even trade for space jam/concord 11’s. first off those 14’s are only worth the retail price of $160. second off the 11’s that you tryna do an even trade for can easily go from $400-500 DS. i understand you tryna make a profit off those shoes, but cmon man be realistic. you making an extra $200 off a shoe is selfish. you killing the shoe game and making yourself look like a douche. you obviously don’t know the shoe game and don’t have respect for other sneakerheads out there. do us all a favor, get off HSS, stop tryna sell the shoes for a rape price, and get yourself a real job homie. no one ain’t gunna cop your shoes that are $150 over what other resellers are letting theirs go for. learn the shoe game man.

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